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Globalish is a living experiment in the meaning & action of non-separation. Our understanding is that all apparent riddles, conundrums, violences, paradoxes, and contradictions exist only when we see ourselves as separate from “others.” In 2015, our founders began asking what would happen if the global human story was shifted from one rooted in the assumptions of a separate self to one that assumed non-separation as the eternal starting point of who we are. 

Our daily practice as a community is to apply this perceptual shift to our lives and see how it translates into the voice of a new media platform. For us, the true social revolution is cultural and spiritual—economic and political revolutions happen “downstream” of this more fundamental transformation. As our process continues to unfold, we are breaking new ground on what it means to be a media platform and offering a novel experience for seekers around the world.

Globalish dialogues are published in 4 channels: Revolution, Travel, Art, & Life. Our mission is to find and share lessons of non-separation in all kinds of places where they weren’t necessarily intended—to embrace the totality of existence including everything from celebrity culture and political uprisings to the uncouth, marginalized, and bizarre. In addition to this we regularly work with artists and spiritual teachers on the production of Globalish Originals—all of which are creative pointers to the realization of non-separation.

We invite you into this journey with us as we discover who we are beyond individual beliefs, social norms, culture, religion, politics, and gender. This means challenging ourselves with new perspectives and often rude awakenings—our work at Globalish is not to just share interesting art and social media content with you, but to mine it for the timeless truth of our collective condition, all rooted in and encouraging the continued exploration of non-separation.

For all inquiries, visit our Contact page. For more Globalish, visit us @ or explore our media archives: Channel 1: Revolution | Channel 2: Travel | Channel 3: Art | Channel 4: Life | Originals. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Globalish is produced by Globalish Institute, a think tank for applied awakening in Los Angeles, California. Visit us @