We Are Globalish

The Definitive Digital Ashram for Creative Urban Seekers

Airplanes. Mobile phones. The Internet. The entire world is now face to face and it’s stretching us to catch up with who we’ve become: a global people. Everything we do at Globalish, from our media to our products and services, is committed to supporting and celebrating humanity as we narrow this gap. 

We believe that becoming Global Citizens is a key part of our collective future. And, as you’ll see from our viral media channels, everything from art, travel and religion to pop culture, business and politics can be used as profound vehicles to encourage us in this direction.

But it’s going to take all of us. Everywhere. And, probably, at the same time. Overcoming outdated national, religious and cultural allegiances that hold us back from growing into fresh identities with a larger embrace is a real global challenge.

Globalish is here to do our part in the best way we know how: 1) by being a source of change in our local community, 2) by spreading boundary breaking art and global stories that move us, and 3) by connecting people to share the kinds of conversations, relationships and travel experiences that impact hearts and minds like nothing else we can imagine.

For all inquiries, visit our Contact page. Direct links to our viral media channels: Channel 1: Revolution | Channel 2: Travel | Channel 3: Art | Channel 4: Life.

Globalish.com is produced by Globalish Institute, an experimental global community based in Los Angeles engaging at the intersection of explosive creativity, applied narrative and profound mentorship. Visit us @ GlobalishInstitute.com.