We Are Globalish

The Definitive Online Source for Everybody, All at Once

Globalish is a path of awakening for creative urban seekers. As the world’s first transformational media platform to embrace emergent global culture as a pointer to self realization, we are breaking new ground on what it means to be a media company and offering a novel digital experience for seekers around the world. 

Globalish publishes articles daily in four distinct channels: Revolution, Travel, Art and Life. Each Globalish story is crafted as an inquiry exercise, a moment of practice each day that not only provides a glimpse of the hottest global culture, but also offers questions and insights that function as self inquiry markers that can be carried throughout your day as powerful contemplative tools.

In a time when most media companies are either embedded in the absurdity of the human condition or ironically committed to encouraging their readers to worship it, Globalish takes a different approach that invites our community to turn inward and to explore “who” is actually aware of this absurdity. And while the overwhelming majority of media platforms hold the intention to provide the self with a packaged way to think about the world, at Globalish the self itself is inquired into, looked into, and possibly realized.

This kind of transformation is not a matter of belief, but the recognition of the believer; not a matter of finding solace, but of finding infinity inside of revolution, travel and art as well as the other side of death. The self is not made secure, the self is made toast. So, welcome to Globalish, the definitive digital ashram for creative urban seekers. And if you’re ever in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to stop by Globalish Institute and see us.

For all inquiries, visit our Contact page. For more Globalish, visit us @ Globalish.com or explore our media archives: Channel 1: Revolution | Channel 2: Travel | Channel 3: Art | Channel 4: Life. You can also find us on Facebook & Twitter.

Globalish.com is produced by Globalish Institute, a contemporary ashram for creative urban seekers in Downtown Los Angeles. Visit us @ GlobalishInstitute.com.